£173 £692 /week
Beach : approx. 60 yd Pleasure-boating port : 1 mi Seaview Shared pool Property recommended by previous renters
Description of Apartment 69418
Apartment in Quarteira
One-bedroom apartment in Quarteira (sleeps 6).
Key figures
  • Type : Apartment
  • 2 rooms - 4/6 guests
  • 1 bedroom
  • 1 bathroom
  • Usable floor space : approx. 581.25 sq ft
  • Garden : approx. 1614.59 sq ft
Property features
Swimming pool details
  • Shared pool - Pool open all year round
  • Type of pool : In-ground
  • Pool shape : Rectangular
  • Pool size : 15 x 5
  • Pool security system : Pool fence
  • Depth : Min. : Approx 4 ft ; Max. : Approx 7 ft
Amenities and services
Important information about the holiday rental
  • Pets allowed (w/ owner's approval)
  • Railway line nearby
  • Airport nearby
  • Night club nearby
  • Motorway nearby
  • In a busy, vibrant area
  • Colour TV
  • Microwave
  • Toaster
  • Washing machine
  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Gas/electric cooker
  • Iron
  • Shared car park
  • Exclusive-use car park
  • Garage
  • Fan
  • Bathtub
Additional holiday rental services
  • Linen hire

Centres of interest

Tourist destinations
Localisation of holiday rentals
Apartment in Quarteira in front of the beach

  • Type of holiday : Beach and seaside (Praia do Forte Novo - 50 yd)
  • Floor : 4 w/ lift
  • Altitude : Approx 70 ft
  • View of the sea
  • Exposure : South
Getting there
Access by all means of transport.
Renters' reviews
Recommended by our renters
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10/08/17 Quality Control Enquiry N°20095
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Information sent inOutcome of the enquiry
Bedding: poor or average in some casesNot corroborated by prior renters
Other problem related to the owner's managementNot corroborated by prior renters
Action taken - 18/10/17
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Problem resolved by the owner with the requisite supporting documents forwarded
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This rental has an excellent Service Quality rating.

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  • Minimum Stay : 7 nights
  • Booking deposit: 25% of rent

Price includes linen and towels, water, gas and electricity.
Reservation on payment of 25% of the total price - remaining payment due on arrival. We also require a security deposit of €200 which will be returned to you on departure if there is no damage to report.
Check-in after 3pm and check-out before 11am.
In the event of cancelation by the client, the booking fee is not refundable.
Optional multi-risk insurance
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