Why rent through

Best rates

Quite simply because we specialise in commission-free owner direct rentals with a very small broker’s fee (cost of the ad for the owner, which was less than 1% of the rent in 2013).

Professionals add large commissions because their marketing costs are high:

Traditional professional channels
Renter Travel agents Tour Operator Estate agency Owner
20% to 40%

Other sites often apply a commission that varies between 8% and 20% (adding together the commission applied to both the owner and the renter):

Sites funded by
an owner and/or a renter commission
Renter Site Owner
8% to 20%
of commission overall is funded by an annual registration fee paid by the owner, which represents less than 1%* of the rent and therefore has no impact on it.
no commission
Renter Owner
0% commission
Cost of the ad <1% of the rent*

*The broker’s fee was estimated at around 0.8% for 2013. It was calculated from the following information:
  • Number of email queries in 2013,
  • Ratio of phone queries (owner survey 2012),
  • Ratio of confirmed bookings (owner survey 2012),
  • Average length of stay requested in 2013,
  • Average rent of a stay in 2013
  • Average price of an ad in 2013
Owners that still have availabilities during the season may offer discounts ranging from 10 to 50% from an already low price.

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Security first!

For, our owners and renters security is a top priority for us. The site uses sophisticated tools and reliable procedures for highly effective results against suspicious or fraudulent behaviour.
We don’t actually visit the properties ourselves. Instead, we use cutting edge software and manual control processes to check the legitimacy of the online ads. In some cases, we may get in touch with a solicitor or local officials to check out the property or the owner’s identity.

While these tried and tested methods have ensured the reliability and quality of, we have to be continually vigilant, as always on the internet, and respect a few basic security rules.
A few security tips:

  • Call the owner
  • Check the date that the ad was created
  • Ask for a written contract stating the financial conditions

Some things may raise your suspicions, especially if the ad is recent (less than 4 months: see the ‘ad history’ at the bottom of the ad page):

  • the owner asks for a large deposit (over 35%),
  • they offer a big reduction if you pay all or most of the price upfront on booking,
  • the rent is very low in relation to the property description,
  • they ask you to pay by postal money order, Western Union, or another online payment method,
  • they send you some form of identity when you haven’t asked for it.

Our Quality policy

We want to ensure that our customers continue to use our service, and have absolutely no interest in acting as a platform for misleading ads. That is why we have set up a highly effective quality control process, based on the information (reviews) that the renters are systematically invited to send us.

This quality control process means we can guarantee a high level of rental quality.
The reviews our renters send in are the best source of quality information about the properties rented, since:

  • they are ongoing (14 stays per ad/year on average)
  • by definition, they describe the real rental conditions, enabling us to check how the owner manages the property
In the framework of our quality control policy, we check:

  • The ad’s compliance with the real condition of the holiday rental
  • How the property is managed by the owner
  • The quality of the property
  • Whether all the equipment works properly

We invite the guests to write a review of the rental

Positive review

This is published on the website

Negative review

Quality Control Process

If there is a negative review or negative feedback (phone call, e-mail)

Investigation by our quality control department

  • We contact former renters to see if the complaint is well-founded
  • In-depth checks (ad, photos, contract, location, etc.)
  • Discussion with the unhappy renter
  • Discussion with the owner
If the investigation concludes that the complaint is well-founded

Corrective action is taken

Depending on the seriousness of the complaint about the rental:

  • Ad removed
  • A " Quality Warning" is included in the ad
  • Correction/improvement to the property by the owner with submission of evidence
  • The ad is altered

User information

The ad ("Quality" section) includes the reason(s) for the complaint, the results of the investigation and the action taken

Many websites simply post, more or less accurately, the different negative reviews. Our site follows the quality process through to the end!

  • We systematically launch a quality control process if there is negative feedback about a rental (negative review, phone call, e-mail, etc.).
  • We check the nature of the criticisms made about the rental and get in touch with former guests.
  • If necessary, we introduce corrective measures.

To ensure our holiday rentals are of the highest quality:

  • In the event of a serious problem (e.g.: non compliant electricity, deliberately misleading ad, repeated management failings): the ad is removed.
  • If there is a problem due to insufficient information (e.g.: rental situated in busy and noisy town centre) the the ad will be edited or a " Quality Alert" will be added
  • Problem requiring action by the owner (e.g.: obsolete equipment): owner asked to improve the situation and information given to potential renters, which will only be removed when proof of improvement has been sent to us by the owner (invoices).

The strict application of this exclusive policy for over 15 years means that the rentals we offer are of the highest standard. Our owners are serious renters who understand our demanding conditions and are happy to accept them.

For, the legitimacy of positive reviews is extremely important. Consequently, we have set up a strict and highly controlled review posting procedure. does not have a “Leave a review” button, for instance.

That’s why, although there may not be a lot of reviews on, they are very reliable.

Better equipped rentals

Owner-direct rentals are also regularly used by their owners. This means that they are often better equipped than professional rentals, so you can easily find accommodation with:

  • TV, broadband, games console, stereo system,
  • Garden furniture and/or a BBQ,
  • A fireplace,
  • Toaster, fondue set and/or a raclette, full set of pots and pans, dishes,
  • Washing machine and/or dishwasher,
  • Iron, vacuum cleaner,
  • Games and/or books,
  • etc.

Other advantages of

Using the mailbox means that your messages to the owner remain securise. The system tells you when your messages have been read for safe and faster bookings. All the documents sent are checked first to ensure there are no viruses. automatically adapts to your support platform and automatically changes to your smartphone or pad. You can access tens of thousands of owner direct holiday rental offers and hundreds of special offers... all in the palm of your hand. is the only website with a 3D bird's eye view of the rentals so you can discover all the surrounding area: beach, forests, trails, etc.

The interactive map enables you to discover the distances between the rental and the main centres of interest.

For around 4% or 5% of the ads on our site, the renter benefits from a multirisk insurance policy especially designed for holiday lets. More information.

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