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Get your renters to pay online with the Secure Payment service

The main advantages of the Secure Payment service

Signing up to the Secure Payment service is optional. You don't have to sign up if you don't want to. In this case, the service will not be offered on your ads.

If you sign up, you can decide which ads will use the service.

If one of your ads offers the Secure Payment service, it is possible to very occasionally allow a renter to pay you directly.
The Secure Payment service gives your rental offer real value added. In particular, it helps to reassure renters and makes the booking process easier. This means that you get more rental requests and more takeups.
Payment by bank card is much safer than payment by cheque.
The owner can talk freely with the renters before making a booking offer, deciding on the rental conditions and which renters to accept.
No more complicated bookings by post. In just a few clicks you can generate a booking offer sent to the renter by email, and just a few more clicks for the renter to confirm the booking. Bookings can be completed in just a few minutes.

A rental contract in PDF format is automatically sent to both you and the renter. The contract is signed by both parties to give you strong legal security while avoiding the cumbersome traditional \"printed\" contract.

The contract is automatically translated into the renter's language.
In most cases it only takes a few clicks to create the booking form and then you just have to wait for the rent to be transferred to your bank account. The Secure Payment service does all the rest.
The 'Booking only' payment method means you can use the Secure Payment service simply to pay the deposit (25% of the total). The balance is then paid on arrival in accordance with the arrangements previously agreed between the renter and the owner.

This payment method enables you to combine the rapidity and security of a bank card payment for the booking with great flexibility in payment of the balance, which can be paid by traveller's cheques, cheque, bank transfer or in cash.

In addition, this payment method means that you reduce the service fees that represent less than 1% of the rent.
The service fees begin at less than 1% of the rent (see details of the service fees below).
You define the rent in the currency of your choice and are credited with the exact amount of rent minus the service fees in the same currency. The Secure Payment service manages the currency conversions.

How to use the Secure Payment service

You will find the registration page via the link 'Your Secure Payment Account' in your owner account menu.

NB: To benefit from the Secure Payment service, you must have enabled the Security+ service on your account. Disabling this service will lead to the deactivation of your Secure Payment account.

NB: Once you have filled in the form, 1 to 3 days will be needed to check your identity.
Once registered, you can configure the rental conditions by default for each ad. To do this:

  • Go to the 'Your ads' page
  • Click on the 'Manage and edit' button for your ad
  • Scroll down the page to 'Secure Payment'
  • Click on 'Rental conditions by default'

The information will be automatically inserted onto the booking form to make it easier for you. You can change the information whenever you like to create your booking form.
Once the rental conditions by default have been filled in, you can start to create booking forms using the 'New booking form' link.
You can use the service for queries received from other websites.

It’s especially useful on free ad websites where the renters often need to be reassured about the ad’s reliability. You just need to add the note: " MediaHols Secure Payment" to your ad on the website concerned. You can send your rental offer to the renter and the rest of the process will be completed on

Booking and payment process

Owners use their usual interface on to create a booking form. When it is validated, the booking form is then sent to the renter by email with a text message reminder.

Important: Make sure you enter the renter's phone number and email address without any errors otherwise the booking offer cannot be sent.
The rental offer has a period of validity that you define. It commits you unilaterally to the renter during this period.

You cannot make another booking offer for the same ad and your MediaHols calendar will be blocked for this rental period. If you wish to rent your property to another renter during ths period, you must first cancel the booking offer.

Recommendation: Make sure that the validation periods for your booking offers are not too long otherwise you will block your holiday rental to no avail (if your property is reasonably available, 48h should be sufficient).
The email includes a link for the renter to go to the page devoted to the Secure Payment

This page invites the renter to:

  • Accept the rental conditions you have defined
  • Accept the service utilisation conditions
  • Sign
  • Pay the amount due on booking by bank card

Once these four steps have been completed, the rental is booked. There is then a contractual bond which engages both parties. A contract in PDF format signed by both parties and translated into the renter’s language if necessary is then automatically sent by email.
In the case of 'Standard' payment (with a booking more than 30 days before the start of the stay), the balance will be debited from the bank card 30 days before the stay begins.
We transfer the rent to the owner's bank account on the 3rd day of the stay, or, in the event of late payment by the renter, 30 days after the last payment.

Payment of the rent

There are 2 methods of payment:

'Standard' payment method

  • 25% of the amount due by bank card on booking
  • 75% deducted from the bank card 30 days before the start of the stay

or if the booking is made less than 30 days before the start of the stay

  • the full amount of the total rent by bank card.

'Bookings only' payment method

  • 25% of the amount due by bank card on booking
  • The remaining 75% paid directly to the owner on arrival using the payment method previously agreed by the two parties (cheque, cash, traveller's cheques)

Warning: In the case of 'Bookings only' payment, the balance (75%) is paid directly by the renter to the owner. This payment is not managed by the Secure Payment service, is not controlled and is not guaranteed.
Only bank cards from the following countries are accepted: France, Italy, Spain, UK, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Finland.
In the case of 'Standard' payment over 30 days before the start of the stay, the booking payment (25% of the total) is completed by the card being debited (75% of the total) 30 days before the stay begins.

The renter must have a card that is valid untilthe beginning of th stay with a ceiling that enables payment of the balance.
We offer the renter three solutions:

  • To resolve the problem with their bank if it's a problem of funds or ceiling
  • To pay the balance using another bank card
  • To get in touch with us and pay by bank transfer

In the event of inability to pay the balance despite the intervention of the Secure Payment service and alternative solutions being put forward, the booking will be considered as cancelled by the renter. You will consequently retain the amount agreed in the cancellation conditions that you stipulated.
We wait until the stay begins before transferring the rent to the owner so as to be able to refund the renter in the event of cancellation or a problem with the holiday rental.

With this in mind, the rent is paid into a secure rental-dedicated holding account.
Keeping the money in a holding account is quite simply to ensure the security of the transaction and to provide for a refund in the event of cancellation or a problem with the holiday rental. We get absolutely no financial remuneration from this money which does not belong to us.
The rents are held in a holding account hosted by our fund management partner, Mangopay SA, which is accredited by the prudential supervisory services of the Banque de France and the European national banks. This ensures maximum security for the funds being held.

Service fees and cancellation

These fees cover the cost of the electronic payment platform and the booking form handling costs. They are paid by the owners, and are calculated and deducted from the rent that is effectively paid. No fees are applied to money that is refunded to the renters.

  • 'Standard' payment method
    2.5% of the rent, excl. VAT
  • 'Bookings only' payment method
    3.8% of the deposit, in other words, 0.95% of the rent, excl. VAT
The Secure Payment service deducts 2% in cancellation fees for all sums refunded to the renter. This amount covers the bank transfer fees and the booking form handling costs. It is paid by the renter or the owner, depending on who is responsible for the cancelation.

Changes and cancellation

Yes, but depending on the date on which the booking is cancelled and the cancellation conditions that you defined, part of the amount paid shall be lost.
Once the booking has been made, there is a contractual bond between the owner and the renter, with a mutual commitment. This contract can only be changed with the agreement of both parties.

If renters wish to change one or several aspects of the booking (e.g. the rental period), they must ask you first. If you agree, you can make a new booking offer which will be sent to the renters by email and which they must accept on a dedicated page on the website. If the change involves a higher rent, the renter must pay the extra amount due.

In the absence of:

  • a new booking offer from the owner
  • acceptance of the new booking offer by the renter

the former rental conditions remain valid.
You can change it unilaterally as long as the rental has not been booked, in other words, as long as the renter has not paid the amount due on booking.

Once the holiday rental has been booked, there is a contractual agreement between the two parties. You can no longer change the rental condtions without the agreement of the renter. However, you can propose a change.

An email wil then be sent to the renters with a link enabling them to accept or refuse the proposed changes on the website.

NB: If they do not formally accept the new conditions, the former conditions remain valid.
The Secure Payment Terms & Conditions only allow you to cancel a booking in a case of force majeure that make it impossible to rent the property under normal conditions (e.g. flooding).

In such a case, renters shall be fully refunded the sums already paid, and you must give them compensation identical to the compensation they would have had to pay if they had cancelled on the same date.

e.g.: A renter has paid for the rental in full, in other words, 1000 euros. The rental conditions state that if renters cancel the booking 20 days before the start of the stay, they must relinquish 50% of the rent paid, in other words, 500 euros. If the owner cancels the booking on the same date, he or she must consequently: 1) relinquish the rent paid by the renter, in other words, 1000 euros, which will be refunded to the latter in full, 2) pay the renter compensation worth 50% of the rent directly, in other words, 500 euros.

A few points worth noting

The Secure Payment service simply offers a tool that helps to facilitate bookings and safeguard the direct payment of rent between renters and owners. We have no procuration from the owners or the renters. At no time does the money paid belong to us.
We do not provide a a security deposit management service. In effect, payment by bank card, even when it is used for a refund at a later date, entails the application of bank charges. Including a security deposit management tool would entail a significant cost for the owner, even if it is rarely used.