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MediaHols.com Performance Guarantee

1,000 hits guaranteed on your advert
during your subscription period

Free 1-year extension if the 1000-hit target is not reached or exceeded.

We undertake to ensure that your advert enjoys a minimum degree of visibility. If your advert is not visited at least 1,000 times, it will be renewed for one year, free of charge.

Qualifying conditions for the Performance Guarantee

  • The owner must have taken out an annual advertising subscription after the implementation of the Guarantee, i.e. after 01/05/2010,
  • The owner must have had an operational advert during the entire guarantee period,
  • The advert must contain a full description of the rental,
  • The advert must contain at least 5 pictures,
  • The availability calendar feature must be included in the advert and used,
  • The owner must have replied to rental enquiries,
  • The owner must ask our Customer Service Dept. to enforce the guarantee (you can do so up to 30 days after your advert has expired).

Why this guarantee?

MediaHols.com enjoys a high degree of visibility thanks to search-engine optimisation, partnerships with major players, and a database of several hundred thousand renters. We want to guarantee a minimum degree of visibility for our owners' adverts, i.e., 1,000 hits a year.

MediaHols.com is the only website which guarantees such a high degree of advert visibility.

Why not guarantee a number of enquiries instead?

Although the number of rental enquiries is proportional to the number of visits, bookings depend on factors we can not control such as: value for money, availability, quality of pictures and description of the premises, ... That is why we prefer to offer you a guarantee based on the number of visits recorded for your advert.

Which pages are taken into account?

Only those pages showing the details of your advert are taken into account, i.e., those pages viewed by internet users who are interested in your advert. Listing pages showing a summary of your advert are not included in the calculation.

How long is the guarantee period?

The number of hits is calculated for the paid subscription period, i.e., one year. Any periods of free advertising which the owner may have benefitted from are not taken into account.

Where can I check the hit statistics for my advert?

Use the "Performance Guarantee" link in the menu in your owner account to view the period of reference covered by the Guarantee and the number of hits recorded for your site during this period.

How can I enforce the Performance Guarantee?

You can contact us, via your owner-account interface, up to 30 days after your advert has expired. Simply mention the advert number and our Customer Service Department will prolong the publication of your advert for one year, free of charge.

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