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Syncing and exporting the calendar

How it works

Syncing allows calendar changes (bookings, cancellations, etc.) to be applied automatically to all your calendars on other sites. At the same time, changes made on external site calendars will be applied to MediaHols.com.

It’s important to understand the difference between: - syncing that allows you to edit any synchronised calendar (often on the site where you receive the booking) with an update to the reference calendar (generally Google Calendar) which then updates all the synchronised calendars. This more practical formula is recommended by MediaHols.com. – the calendar import/export (in general in iCal or XML format) which, at regular intervals, replaces a calendar on one site by a calendar on another site. This is more complex as, if you receive a booking on holiday rental site A, for example, you need to connect to site B to update the other calendar, and the change on site A can take quite a long time to appear.

Sync your calendars with Google Calendar

You can automatically sync your MediaHols calendar with calendars on other sites via Google Calendar, which centralises the information.

Sites not compatible with Google Calendar
Sites compatible with Google Calendar

Any changes made to the calendar from: MediaHols.com, a holiday rental site compatible with Google Calendar, your Google account or an Android calendar will subsequently be applied to all the sites. They may also be applied to sites that are non-compatible with Google Calendar, but which accept imports in iCal format (see below).

How to synchronise your calendars via Google Calendar

First of all, you need a Google account. Then you just need to: - log onto tour owner account, - go to the ‘Calendars’ page, - click on the ‘Sync/Export’ tab, - click on the ‘Sync my calendar with Google Calendar’. You can repeat the process on your other seasonal rental sites compatible with Google Calendar. Your calendars will then be in sync with one another.

Import iCal from sites that are not compatible with Google Calendar

If one of your holiday rental websites is not compatible with Google Calendar, you can generally import your MediaHols.com calendar in iCal format. The iCal or iCalendar format is recognised by most websites and applications. You just have to enter the web address where your MediaHols.com calendar is in iCal (.ics) format in the appropriate field on the external website. This address is indicated on the MediaHols.com ‘Calendar’ page under the ‘Sync/Export’ tab. The site will track your MediaHols.com calendar data at regular intervals (once or several times a day), but will not update it. To update the data, you must either use your MediaHols.com calendar or another calendar synchronised via Google Calendar.

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